Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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An Integrated Information System designed for your Business

iCore ERP, being a complete business ERP solution, provides real-time solutions needed to gain control on all aspects of your business processes such as: Sales, Production, Purchase, Inventory.

The operating model of the industry demands agility, better resource planning and need for real time monitoring. iCore ERP helps in addressing areas of concern such as Receipts and Tracking Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting. iCore ERP combines the power of domain expertise and technology and integrates various functional applications of an enterprise.

iCore ERP is an ideal choice to improve your ROI. It helps you plan your expenses more effectively, as well as to generate payroll. iCore ERP is affordable, powerful, yet flexible web based Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Functional Modules of iCore ERP are:

1. Purchase Management

2. Sales and Enquiry Management

3. Production & Delivery Order Management

4. Accounting and Finance Integration (ERP/ Tally and QuickBooks Integration)

5. Asset & Inventory Management

6. HR & Payroll Management

7. Fleet Management

8. Reports

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