Inventory Management (INV)

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An Efficient System designed for management your Inventory & Stocks

Inventory management is the management of inventory and stock. As an element of supply chain management, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.

iCore INV helps reduce your lead time with efficient and accurate tracking and consolidation of all your stocks and inventory. This in turn means a quicker response to demand, market changes and stock outs. With a better lead time you also achieve a competitive advantage.

Inventory turnover is a key metric for all businesses. If your turnover rate is too low or too high, your business may be overstocking, or finding it unable to meet the demand. iCore INV helps you optimize your turnover ratio, which leads to greater efficiency, including built-in lead times for quickly depleted items and days worth of saved hours previously reserved for working on manual spreadsheets.

iCore INV is an ideal solution for you to plan manage your stocks more efficiently and to increase your profitability. iCore INV is affordable, powerful, yet flexible web based Inventory Management software.

Functional Modules of iCore INV are:

1. Asset Entry & Management (Purchase/ Sale, Depreciation /Asset Write off, Transfer)

2. Item Code Unit Of Measure/ Item Classification, Item Status

3. Sales & Tracking (Quantity tracking, Traceability and Recall Management and Warranty Tracking)

4. Cost Method

5. Quality Management

6. Vendor Management

7. Transaction History

8. Fixed Asset Reports

9. Warehouse Management

10. Various Reports & Metrics

11. Automated Stock & other Notifications and alerts