Sports Management Automation for Racquet Sports(SMART)

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A functional software solution designed for the Racquet Sports Industry

iCore SMART is a state of the art functional innovation for the Racquet Sports Industry that automizes and digitizes all aspects of organizing and conducting a tournament, right from creating a tournament and the initial player registration all the way till the final certificate generation and printing of certificates for the participants and winners.

The current, existing practices behind conducting a badminton tournament are strenuous and often error-prone as more than 80% of the process is manually driven. This involves registration, forming tournament schedules, scoring during a game, keeping track of the tournament progress to name a few. On top of the unexpected delays and overall confusion that may be caused due to manual errors, under the current system, the amount of paperwork involved in conducting a tournament can be as much as 1000-2000 sheets per tournament. This causes an astronomical waste of money and resources, and the whole process becomes a lot less environment friendly than expected in this day and age.

iCore SMART provides the perfect solution that facilitates and provides all aspects of conducting a Racquet Sports tournament from the comfort of a Smartphone device. The functionalities and smooth interface provides an easy to understand and error-free experience for officials, players and spectators alike in order to organize, conduct, and take part in a tournament.

Functional Modules of iCore SMART are:

1. Online Registration for Players

2. Online portal for Administrative login and Player Approval

3. Analytics Engine that provides accurate data solutions

4. Role-based dashboards according to the type of user login

5. Player wise and Event wise tournament enrolment

6. Tournament Type and Event Category management modules to create tournaments and sort players based on age and gender

7. Umpire Assist Tool to help umpires in scoring and controlling a match

8. Match Schedule and Live Score display with the option to be shared to any personal Smartphone device across the globe

9. Automatic score sheet generation along with automated upcoming matches schedule

10. Built-in Activity Log

11. One-click Rank List preparation and Certificate generation

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